Etranzact Bill Collection Proposal TO BEIGE CAPITAL

Intellectual Property Restrictions:
The information in this document shall not be disclosed outside Beige Capital and shall not be duplicated, used or disclosed in whole or in part for any purpose other than to evaluate the document, provided that if an agreement with eTranzact Ghana Limited is signed as a result of or in connection with the submission of this document, BEIGE shall thereafter have the right to duplicate, use or disclose the information to the extent provided by the contract.

Risk Reduction

Where physical cash handling is operational, the inherent risk associated with it is significantly reduced if not eliminated.


Etranzact eTopup will provide maximum convenience to Accountants as well as relevant personnel directly involved in buying airtime as it employs an automated system for loading mobile numbers with airtime without any human intervention.

Time and Cost Savings

a. The current and relatively expensive manual loading system will be eliminated and resources tied down redeployed for more productive activities b. Cost associated with physical cash handling during giving out of airtime is fully eliminated


All transactions on the Etranzact platform are fully encrypted and operate in an impregnable, closed virtual private network. The in-built role-based access control ensures that no unauthorized person has access to any information within the entire Etranzact platform. (Full security policies on Etranzact platform can be made available on request)

Product Design

All payments have full audit trail end-to-end. The relevant departments and personnel are automatically notified of all transactions details. This places Graphic Communication Group Ltd in a real time control of all business transactions.